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We start with the mutual commitment to growth.

There is not a one size fits all approach to marketing strategy which is why we start by understanding your business, your goals, your products/services, your current practices and most importantly your customer.


From here, we build, implement and execute a data-driven, marketing best-practice strategy. The depth of your needs will dictate the extent of how we can work together, but one of the benefits of working with a fractional CMO is the ability to adjust as needed without costly scope changes.


Focus Areas:


Marketing Evaluation

You may want different results, but that doesn't mean that what you are doing is not working. Let's dig in and celebrate the success, identify opportunities, create priorities and build your plan. Your evaluation will include an assessment of:

  • Marketing Messaging clarity, consistency, effectiveness

  • Marketing content, channels and tactics (email, social media, advertising, events, etc.)

  • Audience/Customer

  • Processes and Technology (Lead Generation, Lead Management, Technology, etc.)

  • Metrics

The Marketing Evaluation is included in all engagements, but can be stand alone service.


Customer Acquisition

Some people approach customer acquisition by casting a big net and hope to catch something. Hope is not a strategy. We work together to build a predictable customer acquisition model that attracts, nurtures and converts prospects into leads into customers into advocates. Our work on customer acquisition may include:

  • Data-driven marketing strategy driven by traditional and digital marketing best-practices

  • Demand generation and Account-based marketing

  • Lead definition and scoring

  • Channel optimization (email marketing, social media strategy, events, etc.)

  • Content strategy and development aligned with buyer's journey (blogs, white papers, video, infographics, etc.)

  • Conversion optimization (landing pages, workflow development, etc.)​

  • Paid Advertising (SEM, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Trade Publications, etc.)


Sales Enablement

Many companies see marketing ending at the lead, but realistically how many of your customers are buying after their first touch? Sales enablement is about delivering full-funnel, customer-centric interactions that nurture your leads to become motivated buyers and supports your sales team by empowering them with value-added information and tools. Our focus on sales enablement may include:

  • Lead qualification and nurturing models

  • Persona development

  • Customer journey mapping and content alignment

  • Sales messaging and cadences

  • Collateral and presentation creation

  • Case studies and customer success stories


Brand Building

What are the problems that your company solves? How do your buyers see you? What do you stand for? We help align your internal and external promises to build brand recognition and integrity through value-added experiences for your customer.

  • Messaging and positioning

  • Content development and distribution

  • Social media presence

  • Website optimization

  • Public Relations


Analytics & KPIs

Is it working? This depends on what you are measuring. We work together to define business-impacting metrics and KPIs and report these in a way that matter to your business and your stakeholders.

  • Growth-focused metric definitions and goal setting

  • Alignment of strategy to goals

  • Metric reporting from engagement through revenue generation


Other Services

  • Sales and Marketing technology assessment, recommendation and implementation

  • Marketing team hiring guidance and recommendation

  • Vendor/Agency selection and management

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